Your instructor

Dave Wright

The Journey so far

Dave was born in and has lived all his life in the Cornish country side. As a young boy growing up on the family farm gave him the perfect opportunities and is where without knowing it, was the beginning of his Bushcraft journey. He was always out building camps and tree houses or fishing for brown trout and hunting rabbit’s with his home made bow and arrows. Although at a young age he’s wasn’t very successful with the hunting. During his teens and into adulthood David was out exploring around the Cornish coastline where he started fishing and learning about coastal survival.

After spending many early years learning and practicing Bushcraft encouraged by watching Ray Mears on TV in the 1980s and 1990s he decided to attend his first Week long course in early 2004. Since then Dave has continued to expand and develop his knowledge and skills of this subject. For many years he has had the dream of setting up his own woodland bushcraft  training and wild camping area for all to enjoy and has spent the last 2 years with Survival School to complete his level 4 NCFE Bushcraft, Survival and wilderness living instructor.

Having 3 young boys himself, they too are keen to develop their owns skills in Bushcraft and are quite often will be out in the woods, camping or helping with maintenance in the woodland. They are members of the local Cub and Scout group where Dave has assisted as a leader for many years and ran Survival camps for the local scout troop.

Bushcraft to Dave is not just about survival, its about enjoying being outside, listening, watching and learning about nature and the natural resources and what we can do with it.. Hes been a keen wood worker for many years, and is currently personally developing skills in crafts and green wood working and when ready new courses will be available.

Qualifications and training
  • Level 4 Instructors and Mentors Qualification accredited by the NCFE
  • Remote Emergency 2 day outdoor First Aid 16 hours issued by MediPro UK
  • Level 3 Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Skills Qualification accredited by the NCFE
  • Level 3 Primitive Crafts Qualification accredited by the NCFE
  • Level 3 Foraging Qualification accredited by the NCFE
  • Level 3 Animal Tracking Qualification accredited by the NCFE
  • Level 3 Axe proficiency and Charcoal making Qualification accredited by the NCFE
  • Level 2 Bushcraft, Survival and Wildness Living Skills Qualification accredited by the NCFE
  • NGO Game Meat Hygiene Certificate
  • Level 2 CIEH Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate
  • Level 2 BSC Risk Assessment
  • Level 3 CIEH Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Basic Chainsaw safety
  • IFE Fire safety awareness certificate
  • DBS certificate