Bushcraft Weekend

WildWoodlands Bushcraft Weekend

This course is ideal for those new to Bushcraft or for those who have some knowledge of concepts and techniques in bushcraft and survival but would like to develop their skills even further.

This course is designed for you to get plenty practical hands-on experience whilst you’re with us. No prior experience is required for you to attend this course.

All courses vary depending on the season but below is a typical example of the format of our WildWoodlands Bushcraf Weekend:

  • Course Location: Cornwall
  • Course Time: 9:00 Saturday -16:00 Sunday
  • Course Duration: 2 Days
  • Course Age: 14+ (under 18’s needs to be accompanied by a paying adult)
  • Course size: 6
  • Meals: Catered
  • Call Us: 07817 801618

Itinerary: Download (PDF)
Kit list: Click here


Everyone arrives at the designated meeting point for 9:00 am where we have introductions followed by a safety briefing. We then have a short walk from the car park into the woodland. During the walk we will point out the location of fresh drinking water, washing area and composting toilet.

Once we arrive at the base camp area, we will take the opportunity to outline the course structure, allowing you to settle into the woodland environment. The instructor will take you through tool usage and safe cutting techniques when using knives and saws, as you will be using these throughout the weekend to complete a range of everyday woodland tasks. We will get the kettle on, and then prepare your sleeping arrangements, for later.

move on to shelters, following a brief introduction on resources and locations an instructor will guide you through the shelter building process and you we will then have the opportunity to build a shelter for yourself.

Lunch is provided but involves you learning how to prepare and cook trout over the open fire.

We then have a very busy afternoon, looking at how to source, filter and purify your water and fire lighting – including fire by friction.

The evening is then underway with another game preparation session, this time it could be either rabbit or squirrel. Whilst this is cooking, we take look at plants and fibres and how we can use them to make cordage, containers, and baskets.


The morning begins with a brief history and demonstration of making damper bread; we will discuss cooking techniques and various ingredients that can be used.

After breakfast, demonstrations and discussion on primitive trapping and snaring techniques we also examine the legal and ethical aspects of this subject.

Then our instructor will take you through some of them tools we have and use how to choose the correct axe or knife, how to sharpen them, and the legal aspects of carrying and using edged tools.

Next, we then move on to preparing lunch meal. Lunch and usually consists of game bird either pigeon or pheasant. Vegetarian dishes are also provided if we are notified in advance.

After lunch we spend the rest of our time foraging in and around the woodland learning about edible, medicinal and poisonous plant identification, tree identification and tree use.

At 16:00 pm the course ends and it’s time to depart.

Our courses are designed to be a fun experience and at no point during the course will you be expected to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. Our helpful and friendly instructors are always on hand with help, advice, and assistance.

So why not join us in the woods for a weekend, learn some new skills and start your bushcraft journey!

If you do not see a date that works for you, just get in touch and we will do our best to run a course for you.