Advanced Bushcraft Weekend

WildWoodlands Advanced Bushcraft & Survival Weekend

This course is ideal for those who already have some basic Bushcraft experience or have attended our Bushcraft Introduction day or our weekend courses and would like to develop their skills even further.

This course is designed for you to get plenty practical hands-on experience whilst you’re with us.

All courses vary depending on the season but below is a typical example of the format of our WildWoodlands Advanced Bushcraft & Survival Weekend:

  • Course Location: Cornwall
  • Course Time: 19:00 Friday -12:00 Sunday
  • Course Duration: 3 Days
  • Course Age: 14+ under 18’s need to be accompanied by a paying adult
  • Course size: 10
  • Meals: Catered
  • Call Us: 07817 801618

Itinerary: Download (PDF)
Kit list: Click here


Please arrive at the designated meeting point for 7:00 pm where we have introductions followed by a safety briefing. We then have a short walk from the car park into the woodland. During the walk we will point out the location of fresh drinking water, washing area and composting toilet. This also helps to set the scene for the weekend ahead and introduces you to the environment in which you will spend the next two nights.

Once we arrive at the base camp area, we will take the opportunity to outline the course structure, introduce you to the camp equipment, allowing you to settle into the woodland environment. Once you are settled in, the instructor will take you through tool usage and safe cutting techniques when using knives and saws, we will follow with spitting some hazel as you will be making a trigger for a Figure 4 trap and spend the rest of the evening making whittling your cooking utensil.


We will provide you the ingredients for breakfast of a damper bread, bacon and eggs washed down with campfire coffee of tea cooked over your fire. After breakfast we will work in larger groups to build a group shelter, central fire cooking tripod/pot hangers where you will cook your even meal and sleep the night.

After lunch, we will go through the process of collecting and processing the materials to manufacture a fire bow set. You will then use this to get your own fire lit and then turn our attention to the evening meal.

Once your meal is prepared and gently cooking over the fire, we will take some time to forage and explore the woodland around us for some fresh wild ingredients that can be used in evening meal, and what other resources are available to us. Such as plant tree or animal.

All that is left to do is to enjoy your evening meal and get a good nights sleep in your shelter.


After breakfast, our last project for the course is looking at various natural resources that can be collect prepared and used to make cord, baskets, pots and utensils.

Finally we will then guide you through the process of making your very own wicker basket.

At 12:00 noon the course ends and its time to depart.

Our courses are designed to be a fun experience and at no point during the course will you be expected to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. Our helpful and friendly instructors are always on hand with help, advice, and assistance.