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Our bushcraft, survival and wilderness living courses are held at a spectacular woodland location in Cornwall. We offer single day and weekend bushcraft courses on a variety of bushcraft subjects; be it friction fire lighting, foraging, campfire cooking, shelter building, and more. Why not try our weekend bushcraft and survival course and our family bushcraft courses. All of our bushcraft and survival courses are held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with knowledgeable and helpful instructors and staff.

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Whilst you are here with us everything is taken care of. This is so you can learn, relax and have some fun. There will be plenty of new skills to learn and master, practical lessons to be creative. Along with time to sit back and enjoy the location and have some quiet time.

New Skills

Master your fire lighting skills using man-made and natural materials. So you can stay warm, purify water and cook food.

Get hands On

Learn different techniques and styles of survival shelters. Then put into practice what you have learnt and build a debris shelter to protect yourself from the elements using the resources around you.

Knowledge weighs nothing

Forage and identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants and trees safely. Learn how to make hunting weapons, traps, snares and fish nets all made from natural resources.

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